Why You Should Stop Buying Wood Wall Panels and Try MDF Wall Panelling Instead!
Pink Jacobean MDF Wall Panelling


The benefits of using MDF Wall Panelling over traditional wood panelling.

Written by Maddie

The benefits of using MDF Wall Panelling to upgrade your interior.

Just hear us out on this one, ok? 


Over the last year we’ve seen a huge resurgence in the popularity of wall panelling. Victorian walls are now back in fashion and personally we cannot get enough of them. Shaker, Jacobean, Strip, Georgian – there are so many panel styles to choose from – the options are endless. Social media is awash with trendy wall panel designs, from celebrities to high-end interior designers, everyone seems to be embracing the wall panel trend. 

Thankfully we’ve come a long way since the Victorian era. We’re sure the industrial revolution was heaps of fun but we’re somewhat relieved that we weren’t there to experience it firsthand. Wooden wall panelling was the height of fashion in this period, it’s sleek design has echoed through the ages and now it’s back, reimagined with a contemporary flourish. 

Shaker Style Wall Panelling
Wall Panelling in a Shaker Style.

Fast forward to today, new and improved products are readily available, namely MDF. 

What is MDF? Medium Density Fibreboard is the technical term – exciting right? MDF is an engineered wood product, it’s stronger than plywood and it’s typically used in cabinet making and for constructing storage units.

Despite MDF technically being derived from wood fibres it is actually a fantastic alternative to using wood in panelling applications. And we’re here to tell you why!

Firstly, it has the very same qualities as wood, for instance – it’s sturdy, hard-wearing and can stand the test of time, but most importantly MDF won’t give you splinters.

It’s easy to cut provided you have the right tools – we definitely would not recommend attempting to cut this product with a butter knife or scissors. If you’re unsure of the tools you need to successfully panel a wall – we’ve got you covered. 

When MDF is painted – you really can’t tell the difference from it’s wooden counterparts. Furthermore, MDF is quite enjoyable to paint, it just glides right on and the finished shade will really pop – but make sure you prime it first!

Compared to wooden wall panels, MDF wall panels are considerably cheaper. MDF is a lot more affordable per metre, it’s certainly the cost effective alternative to wooden panelling which is quite important if you’re looking to transform your home on a budget. 

For wooden wall panelling you would need to hire a skilled tradesman to design the panels, source the materials and install it – that’s big bucks. 

Traditional wooden wall panelling.

Whereas with MDF, you have multiple options. You can buy sheets of MDF and measure out your panelling design, cut the sheet into strips and glue them into place. Or if you want the super easy/ minimal fuss panelling option, simply buy an MDF Wall Panelling Kit or use our mdf cut to size service – you won’t have to worry about cutting it down, the strips are pre-cut for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions to the tee and voila! Your drab and dreary wall has been transformed into a chic and trendy talking piece – with very little effort and cost. If you’re not feeling particularly inspired have a read of The Ultimate Guide to Wall Panelling for some stylish wall panelling ideas.

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