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mdf cut to size


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Finding somewhere to cut MDF to size can seem like a daunting task. Fear not, we’ve put together a helpful guide on how to go about it.

If you’re planning a DIY project using MDF. Why not save time and order your MDF Cut To Size – less stress, less mess and guaranteed accuracy. What’s not to love?


Are you hopping on the wall panelling trend? Maybe you’ve been perusing some serious wall panelling inspo and now you’ve got the panelling itch. You’re not sure where to start and desperately searching for how to get your mdf cut to size. Breathe, you’ve got this, read on and it will all become clear. 

DIY Wall Panelling with MDF is an easy way of switching up your home with minimal fuss. Decorating interior walls with wall panels brings character and charm to any space. You can panel the walls of any room you please, from bedrooms to bathrooms and landings to living rooms. But where do you begin? Ensuring your mdf is cut to size accurately is a great start. 

How do I get MDF Cut to Size?

If you don’t fancy cutting mdf yourself, there are plenty of other options available to you. There are an abundance of online businesses offering an MDF cut to size service. However you are required to buy the MDF from them which can be slightly problematic. Currently there is a huge demand for MDF which has resulted in delays and shortages, subsequently the price of MDF has surged. 

If you do fancy cutting it yourself, we have explained the cutting options and process a bit further down. 

If neither of those options sound particularly appealing to you, you can order MDF cut to size online via our cutting service. It’s a handy shortcut if you don’t have the time to spend cutting your MDF. 

Can you get MDF wall panels cut to size?

Yes you can, you can do this online via our mdf cut to size service. Simply provide us with your required dimensions and we will provide you with uniform MDF wall panels cut to spec. You may have a local hardware store which also offers this service, but keep in mind that you will probably need to buy the mdf sheets from them as it’s unlikely they’ll cut another company’s product. Typically this is a more expensive option but if you don’t want to cut them yourself and you aren’t keen on wall panelling kits then it’s worth paying the extra amount.  

Strips of MDF
Strips of MDF photo credit

Is it expensive to get MDF Cut To Size?

It varies from place to place, it also depends on the MDF market which has been quite turbulent over the last 12 months. With mdf wall panelling being so popular prices are creeping up – by 40% in some places! Shop around but don’t compromise on the quality, you will already know the budget you have set aside for your wall panelling project but keep in mind that there are additional costs to consider such as adhesive, primer and paint. We feel that our mdf cut to size service is really competitively priced, if you’re interested in our pricing, simply add your sheet material to cart with the required cuts and the price will automatically populate.

Are mdf wall panelling kits already cut to size?

In most instances yes, mdf wall panelling kits are cut to size. With some styles you may need to do some trimming or cut some of the strips in half (Jacobean style panelling). Trimming aside, mdf panelling kits take a lot less effort to prepare and install than regular mdf sheets. MDF wall panelling kits are cut into strips for ease of application, a number of different wall panelling styles can be recreated with these strips such as shaker style, jacobean and slat wall panelling. 

What do I need to cut my mdf wall panels?

There are several options for cutting your mdf wall panels to size. You can choose from a table saw, a mitre saw, a circular saw, a handsaw or a utility knife. They each have their pros and cons – which we’ve listed below. 

A table saw can be used to cut lengthways – this is a great option for cutting mdf panel to size if you’re looking to cut strip panels which can then be used to make Shaker, Jacobean and Geometric style panels. This is a pretty specialist bit of kit and understandably most people don’t have them knocking around in their sheds. 

A mitre saw is another great alternative for a precise cut, however you will have to rotate the mdf to achieve the cuts you need. You are restricted somewhat with a mitre saw and it is a more expensive option. 

Mitre Saw Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

Circular saws are handheld so you have the option to cut your mdf in a variety of ways. You will need a steady hand and the ability to cut accurately, however you can sand down any jagged edges. Circular saws can be picked up quite cheap and they’re easy to get hold of, most diy stores have them in stock.

A circular saw Photo by James Kovin on Unsplash

Most folks have handsaws readily available, it’s a DIY staple for homeowners. This won’t give you the precise cut you need, so it’s important that you have sandpaper to hand to smooth those edges down. Handsaws aren’t really ideal if you’re looking to cut mdf into strips, it’s quite difficult to get them uniform – which is key when panelling your walls as symmetry is the staple of all wall panelling designs. 

Lastly, if you’re feeling brave – you can use a Utility/Stanley knife. The blade can be used to score the cuts and you will then need to snap the boards along the score – this should prevent splintering but you will need to be incredibly accurate with your scoring which is no mean feat when you have a number of mdf wall panels to cut. However, once you have cut your first panel, you can then use it as a template for the other wall panels which should reduce the time spent cutting and hopefully ensure uniform strips. Once all of the MDF panels have been cut to size, you will need to lightly sand all of the ends until smooth. This will allow the MDF panels to meet seamlessly. 

Cut MDF Sheets courtesy of

What’s the best way to cut mdf to size?

It all entirely depends on your skill levels with the above tools. If you aren’t comfortable with those options, we would recommend either having the mdf wall panels cut to size for you or investing in an mdf wall panelling kit. 

If you’re undecided on whether you want your MDF panels cut to size for you, to cut your own MDF sheets or to purchase an MDF wall panelling kit – consider your budget, your level of diy expertise and the timeframe you want to get it done in. These three factors should help you make your decision. 

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