This Is Why MDF Wall Panelling Kits Are The Best Option
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Written by Maddie

Are you planning a DIY wall panelling project? You might want to read this first. 

The age old question – Why are MDF wall panelling kits better than doing your own wall panelling from scratch? Ok, it’s not that old of a question but it’s certainly a popular one.  


Well, it all comes down to your skill level. If you’re an experienced DIY’er and you really enjoy a challenge then you’re probably up to the task. If you’re really into taking your time and meticulously planning every little detail from design to installation – DIY panelling is definitely for you. You can buy sheets of 9mm MDF online or from your local supplier and cut the panel strips to size and embark on your wall panel project. We hope the DIY Gods look upon you favourably that day.  

A sheet of 9mm MDF from PS Timber

If you’re new to DIY, the thought of cutting precise strips of MDF can be quite daunting, terrifying some might say. Especially if you’re getting to grips with a new saw or if you’ve never used one. It’s easy to make mistakes, more so when performing the monotonous task of measuring the same slat each time and trying to ensure it’s cut to spec. Furthermore, if you’re planning on panelling every wall in the room – well, that’s a whole lotta panel’s and a whole lotta cut’s. 

If you’re a bit wary of cutting the strips down yourself or if you simply don’t have the tools to cut it – you might want to try a panelling kit instead. Or befriend a carpenter, both have their advantages. We probably won’t write a blog on befriending carpenters, even though we’re really good at it. 

  Photo by Samantha Fortney on Unsplash

Buying a wall panel kit online is the equivalent of buying flatpack furniture, as long as you choose to buy from a reputable business and the instructions are legible – it should be pretty easy. Not so much if you buy your kit from Wish – who needs instructions anyway? 8 year lead time for delivery – what a bargain! (Sorry Wish). We provide an mdf cut to size service which is a super easy way of having your wall panelling cut to your specific requirements. Simply pick which mdf you need, and provide us with the measurements – we’ll do the hard part.

DIY Panelling combining Shaker and Jacobean style wall panels.

MDF Cut To Size is great if you want to get the job done quickly. You will save oodles of time by not having to cut all of the strips down yourself, equally all the strips will be uniform in size so with some styles – all you will need to do is half some of the panels (Jacobean). It removes the human error side of things, but we would strongly advise reading the instructions to be on the safe side.

Time is money, why spend longer than you have to when you can buy mdf cut to size and reduce the time spent on your DIY panelling project? MDF cut to size is typically more cost effective too, you’re getting exactly what you need so there won’t be any wastage in comparison to buying full sheets and cutting them yourself. 

Personally, we think MDF wall panel kits are a gift sent from the gods and it would be a terrible shame not to shout about them from the rooftops.

If you’re stuck for wall design ideas our handy guide offers some serious panelling inspo.

Have you used an MDF wall panelling kit before? What was your experience like? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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