What Is Hardwood Plywood?
what is hardwood plywood?


Written by Maddie

Hardwood Plywood is a manufactured sheet material made up of three or more cross-layers of thin wood veneer stuck together, the smooth sanded surface is made from hardwoods like Birch, Walnut, Poplar and other species. It tends to be heavier and more durable than softwood plywood and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. 


Our hardwood plywood is high in quality and finish, they have a reduced splitting when penetrated by screws or nails and a low expansion to shrinkage. In short, they are the perfect option for use in a broad scope of applications. Hardwood plywood is great as a general purpose construction panel. It’s typically used for wall sheathing, flooring, roofing and renovation work. 

In fact there are so many applications for hardwood plywood it can feel a bit overwhelming when picking the optimal sheet material for your project. We’ve put together a list of some of the applications and the appropriate plywood thicknesses below:

3.6mm Hardwood Plywood

This is the thinnest hardwood plywood sheet that we stock. It’s most commonly used for boxing in, fascias and soffits, signage, packing cases, concrete formwork and much more. We know it’s a bit strange but one of our favourite applications for this product is van and trailer linings – it’s aesthetically pleasing ok?!

3.6mm Hardwood Ply is typically laid to protect the floor surface – it’s ideal if you’re sprucing up your camper or trying to prevent scuffing your work van. Due to it being 3.6mm it is more flexible than our other sheets but it’s a firm favourite amongst  DIY’ers and Traders alike. 

5.5mm Hardwood Plywood

This product is super popular with flooring companies, it’s normally used by floor fitters as subflooring or to level out existing floorboards where a flat level floor is required.

This item can also be used for van and trailer linings when 3.6mm is deemed not quite thick enough. It can also be used for panelling, shelving, storage boxes and drawer linings. We supply a lot of Model Railway clubs with these sheets, as they’re a great foundation to build the railways on – with offcuts being used to create scenery and other features such as stations.

9mm Hardwood Plywood

9mm ply is well known as a staple product for wall sheathing, loft flooring and general construction. It can also be used to build under stair storage and cupboards – which is super handy if you need to make the most out of the space you have.

9mm Plywood can also be used as an alternative to MDF for wood wall panelling. There’s been a real resurgence in the panelling trend and we’re really enjoying seeing all of the beautiful panelling projects that our customers have created so far!

12mm Hardwood Plywood

12mm Plywood is often used by furniture makers to create drawers and cabinets, we’ve seen some beautiful creations using our 12mm Russian Birch Plywood – which has been incredibly popular amongst our joiner clientele.

12mm Hardwood Plywood is the perfect thickness for modular shelving too – it’s lightweight but not too clunky – which is ideal if you’re looking to make contemporary shelving or a feature wall. 

Due to our 12mm Hardwood Plywood being a structural product – it can be used in sheds for roofing and flooring too. 

15mm Hardwood Plywood

Strangely, 15mm Plywood is quite an unusual thickness but it’s one of our most popular products. It has a broad range of uses, some of our favourites are: skate ramps, children’s climbing walls and headboards. 

18mm Hardwood Plywood

In terms of volume, this product is our bread and butter. Strong, durable and it boasts a plethora of different applications. This can be used to build dining tables, office desks, media consoles, door panels, coffee tables and so much more.

25mm Hardwood Plywood

Due to the stability and strength of 25mm plywood it’s perfect for applications that require a sturdy material. This product is commonly used for table tops, flooring and desks. They’re typically used in the construction sector as flooring in new builds, as well as for furniture and kitchens. Perhaps you’re looking for a strong sheet of ply to build an outdoor dining table for your garden – look no further, 25mm Hardwood Plywood is what you need – as long as it’s treated and sealed correctly!

If you’re thinking about using hardwood plywood on your next DIY project, why not try our plywood cut to size service? It’ll save you time, money and hassle!

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