What’s The Big Deal About MEDITE Moisture Resistant MDF?
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Written by Maddie

You’ve probably already heard of MEDITE, everyone has been raving about their products lately. We decided to do a bit of research and we were so impressed we started stocking their MEDITE MR MDF. If you haven’t heard of MEDITE or maybe you’d like to know what makes their products so special, read on. 

MEDITE SMARTPLY have built an outstanding reputation for exceptionally engineered wood panels – which is way more exciting than it sounds. They use the latest production technology to develop straighter, flatter and more consistent boards which to be perfectly honest is every supplier’s dream. 


They are renowned for their innovative methods and impressive sustainability credentials too, they’re shaking up the sheet material market and after seeing their products and what they have to offer – we can see why!

They have two manufacturing sites in Ireland, Clonmel where MEDITE is developed and Waterford where they make SMARTPLY. The Clonmel site is home to their production and research plant, which boasts ten different families of MDF products with a vast range of variants too – 400 to be exact. 

Constant investment in research, development and technology has allowed MEDITE to establish themselves as the leading MDF brand on the market which is no mean feat especially when you consider the current challenges the market presents.

Their pioneering approach has seen their product advance in areas such as finish quality, moisture resistance, flame retardancy and much more – all of these factors are incredibly important when picking the right sheet of MDF for a project, as any Joiner will tell you. 

We have a great range of MEDITE Moisture Resistant MDF. These sheets are designed for use in humid conditions, and as such this premium product is a firm favourite with Joiners and Carpenters alike. But why? Well the product itself is dense and doesn’t fluff up when cut. Essentially you get a cleaner cut and it has much better screw holding abilities than your standard MDF board. It’s also less tool wearing than other products on the market. When you hold this product up to other MR MDF sheets, it feels stronger and doesn’t have that give that you find with thinner sheets. From examining the board you can automatically see that it’s a high-spec product. 

Now moisture resistant does not mean waterproof and as such this product should not under any circumstances be used for external applications, a terrible example being lining a swimming pool or a hot tub cover. 

Medite MR MDF is subjected to rigorous testing methods which include: a specialised cyclic test (EN 321) in which the test pieces, after conditioning are immersed in 20°c water for 72 hours, frozen in air at -12°c for 24 hours and heated in an air-circulated oven at 70°c for 72 hours. This is carried out three times, followed by post conditioning and physical testing in line with EN 622 test methods. Which is pretty intense when you consider it’s probably going to be used as a kitchen cabinet for 20+ years – but at least you know it’s durable and will stand the test of time.

mdf panelling ideas for bathroom

If you’re looking to install wall panelling in your bathroom or kitchen, you need to use a moisture resistant MDF. If you’re looking for bespoke wall panelling, why not try our mdf cut to size service?

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