How To Create A Seriously Stylish Feature Wall


Written by Maddie

Thinking about giving your living space a bit of oomph? Feature walls are the perfect way of adding personality to your home. 

When it comes to spicing up interior spaces, feature walls are a sure fire way of adding a bit of a character. Feature walls have come a long way in the last ten years and we’ve collated some seriously stylish ideas to convert your walls from drab to dazzling. 


When we think of feature walls we traditionally associate them with wallpaper or a bold splash of paint, but there’s so much more you can do now to transform your walls and make your space more personal.  

Wall Panelling

As you can probably tell we’re die hard wall panelling fans here at Tablero, we have heaps of wall panelling ideas & inspo plus we offer an mdf cut to size service to help you bring your wall panelling project to life. The beauty of wall panelling is that you can completely tailor it to your requirements, if you want to do just one wall you can. Furthermore, the space between each panel is completely up to you. A popular trend we’re currently seeing a lot of is the two-tone wall panelling style. You choose one colour for the wall and another for the panels, as seen in the picture below. 

Why not combine wall panelling and wallpaper? The panels frame the wall paper lending a chic and elegant aesthetic, you can take this further and go for some serious colour clashing with a bold print and vibrant paint. 

Image Credit Ideal Home

Colour Blocking

We are absolutely obsessed with colour blocking, you can use a variety of different shapes to provide a completely unique aesthetic. It can be used on a feature wall or incorporated in different parts of the room to highlight features such as mantel pieces and mirrors. 

Image Credit Pinterest

Image courtesy of Love Property

If cutting in isn’t your forte we recommend going for straight lines and using plenty of frog tape. If you prefer the circular designs there are heaps of stencils available online. 

Wooden Wall Slats

Its official wooden wall slats are taking over!  This look can be subtle or the focus of the room, it’s all down to the application. If you’re a big fan of natural textures you can install these strips horizontally or vertically across the wall, but if you like a minimalistic approach why not cover just a portion of the wall or perhaps use them to draw attention to a specific feature such as a mirror or painting. Russian Birch plywood is really popular for this application, mainly due to its high quality and uniform veneers. It can be used in any room of the house to make a stylish statement. We provide a Russian birch plywood cut to size service, delivering uniform strips of birch ply nationwide. 

Image Credit Pinterest

Geometric Feature Wall

Recreate a geometric feature wall with strips of mdf or plywood, simply map out your wall and plan where you’d like to place them. There’s no specific layout, it’s completely bespoke. You can use the strips to divide up the wall, you can even include some triangular shapes. We recommend mapping it out with some frog tape beforehand to give you a plan to work off of. Geometric strips give oodles of texture, it’s ideal if you want to make a bold statement wall.

feature wall

We hope we’ve provided you with some feature wall inspiration, if wall panelling is more your thing – check out our other articles to help you pick the perfect panelling for your interior space.

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