Create an Instant Beach Vibe with Wall Panelling


Written by Maddie


If you’re looking for a way to bring the feeling of a beach house into your home, wall panelling could be the answer! Wall panelling is a great way to add texture and dimension to any room. It can make your space look larger and more inviting, plus it adds a classic, timeless touch. Read on for our top tips on how to use wall panelling to create that perfect beach house vibe in your home.

Choose Your Design Wisely

The first step in creating an amazing beach house feel with wall panelling is choosing the right design. Opt for something that has a rustic yet elegant feel – think natural wood or painted white wood. This type of design will instantly make your walls look like they have been around for years, adding an extra layer of charm and character to your space. You can also choose to add nautical or coastal-inspired accents like shells or drift wood for an extra special touch.

Thanks to Duck to Water for the use of their boathouse for their powerboat level 2 courses room.

Mix and Match Your Panels

Mixing and matching different types of panels is another great way to add interest to your walls. For example, you could mix solid wood panels with wainscoting or beadboard panels – this will give your walls more depth and texture without being too busy or overwhelming. You can also combine different materials like wood and stone for a unique look that will really stand out from the crowd.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Using natural elements in conjunction with wall panelling can really bring out the beach vibes in your home. Consider incorporating driftwood, sea glass, sand dollars and other natural elements into the design of your wall panels – this will instantly transport you back to days spent at the beach! Alternatively, you could opt for wallpaper that features ocean waves or sand dunes – this will also create an instant coastal feel in any room.

Combining Fitted Furniture & Wall panelling

Combining wall panelling and fitted furniture is a great way to give your home a beach house feel. The panelling creates an inviting and calming atmosphere, while the fitted furniture ensures each room gets the maximum use of space for a neat and efficient look. Matthew from Thomas Matthew Kitchens & Furniture tells us the key to success is continuity, make sure your wall cladding and fitted furniture flow seamlessly together, creating a luxurious, cohesive look. If you are at a loss for design ideas or not that practically minded, enlist the help of a local carpenter or joinery shop. Most reputable companies will be able to provide you with designs and drawings to help bring your vision to life. So whether you choose to have white-washed wooden walls or be daring with striped painted details, taking advantage of this combination lets you create your own unique space in comfort and style.

Painting Your Panelling

Painting a room’s wood panelling with a coastal feel in mind is a great way to bring the light and airy atmosphere of the beach into your home. If you are looking for a way to liven up your walls without overwhelming your space, painting wood panelling can be an effective and simple solution. Light blues, greens, and whites reflect the natural environment of being at the beach, making it easy to get that coastal feel instantly. Depending on your desired look and level of commitment, you could choose from standard semi-gloss or eggshell paint or go more bold with satin or high-gloss paint choices. With careful consideration put into colour selection, painting can give you the beach vibe right in your own house; no matter how far away your location may be!

Wall panelling is a great way to create a stunning beach house vibe in any room of your home. With just a few simple steps – such as choosing the right design, mixing and matching different types of panels, and incorporating natural elements – you can easily transform any space into an oasis of relaxation! So don’t wait any longer; get started today on creating the perfect beach-inspired atmosphere in your own home!

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