From Gas Safety to Appearance, 5 Common Remodeling Mistakes by New Homeowners


Written by Maddie

Home remodelling and renovations have gained momentum after the pandemic. With more people spending time in their homes, it is only natural that homes are getting more attention. Around 77% of homeowners were revealed to have spent money on improvements in 2021. On average, they spent £1,473. A significant amount.


While remodelling projects are necessary and increase the functionality and value of your property, they can be tricky as well. New homeowners are especially inexperienced in this regard and not prepared for the pitfalls of completing a remodelling project. 

The 5 Most Common Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Homeowners, especially new homeowners, frequently make mistakes when remodelling their homes. Detailed below are five of the most common and costly remodelling mistakes that any homeowner can make:

Being Too Trendy

Yes, there is a thing as being ‘too trendy.’ Specifically, when it comes to making design and remodelling choices for your house, which is a long-term investment, be careful of your choices, as you will have to bear them for a long, long time. 

According to 2022 statistics, the average length of time a homeowner in the UK stays on a property they own outright is 23.2 years. While those with a mortgage stay for a period of 9.2 years on average. There is a sizeable difference between the two lengths of time, yet both are quite significant. 

Trends, on the other hand, are fleeting and prone to change. In addition to this, trends only look good when they are in fashion. You may soon grow tired of a trendy wallpaper or a statement light fixture that is currently in fashion. Since remodeling is not cheap you may come to regret design decisions after a short while.

Aside from being short-lived, trends may only sometimes be practical. An all-white kitchen looks very beautiful in pictures but is tough to keep clean. Similarly, floating stairs have a beautiful, minimalistic aesthetic, yet they are a safety hazard, especially for children and the elderly. 

You can be trendy by not committing too much to a trend by using home accessories like paintings, pots, or rugs. Developing a style for your remodelling project is much better because styles are classic and not too on the nose. 

Poor Budgeting

This is the number one and most critical mistake homeowners can make when they start a remodelling project. Budgeting is crucial to the entire process because poor financial decisions can result in you having to either increase your budget, a luxury most homeowners don’t have or halt the remodelling altogether. 

New homeowners are prone to this problem because an average first-time homeowner is around 32 years old. This means they have a limited income and savings. Yet, owning a property for the first time is very exciting and most homeowners plan on ambitious remodeling projects. 

It may be an exciting time, however, you also have to be cautious. Be realistic about your budget and plan the remodel project according to the budget. Leave some space if expenses increase because they usually do increase. 

Cutting Corners with Safety

This one is a big no-no. Home safety is not a trifling issue since providing safety is a fundamental function of a home. Homeowners may try to forgo safety to save money that can be utilized in remodelling projects. 

This is never a smart way of doing things. By choosing aesthetics over safety you are not delaying spending on safety measures later on, but you are risking a major disaster in the process as well. Homeowners do not realize just how important safety measures are, no matter how small they may be. 

The risks and additional costs that come with forgoing safety are ever-present. Prioritize safety when remodelling because you never know when an accident may occur for which you are completely unprepared. 

Some homeowners try to do cost savings by turning projects related to gas connections or electricity into DIY jobs. Professionals in the field should always do these. Getting gas safety checks done regularly is also important, as well as gas storage, especially booking an inspection before and after renovations. This way, you can make sure that renovations to your home do not disrupt the safe supply of gas. You can get more information on gas safety checks on GasSafetyCerts.  

Safety should always be a key component of remodelling plans and be prioritized at each stage. Nothing is more valuable than the security and protection of you and your family.

Not Shopping Around

Remodeling is a huge task. Even renovating one room or area of the house requires a lot of planning and decision-making. It is tedious, but this should not be an excuse for not doing your research. 

Planning out the remodeling includes surveying and considering all the different options, be it relating to materials used, contractors hired, or home accessories bought. Get estimates and weigh the pros and cons of each option. 

Shopping around and getting the deals is also a much better way of bringing down the cost of the remodel project. Carefully select the people that will work for you. Get recommendations from people you know so you can make the best selection.

Research has been made easy due to the internet. There are tons of resources available online, like forums and groups on social media platforms. You can get sound advice from many places.

Thinking that Remodeling will be Easy

Remodeling is no walk in the park. Most people know that renovations are a major undertaking, but they are still unlikely to understand just how difficult it is. It can take a serious toll on you physically and mentally.

Even with all the planning and research chances that something will go awry are quite high. This is why it is necessary to be prepared for things not going as planned. Plans for the remodel need to anticipate and take into account such issues propping up.

The most important thing you can do is to manage your expectations. This doesn’t mean being pessimistic and always fearing the worst. It requires being realistic about the project and making preparations in case problems occur.

Remodeling Smartly

There are many different ways of going about remodeling your home. New homeowners, in particular, want to start remodelling as soon as possible to create a space that is personalized to their needs and tastes. 

As exciting as a remodelling project sounds, it is a lot of work. People, especially when they do not have prior experience with remodelling and renovations, can easily make mistakes that jeopardize the entire project.  

The good news is that some of the most common mistakes are also the ones that you can avoid easily. As long as you plan the remodelling project carefully, conduct thorough research, and prioritize safety and functionality above all, you should be good. 

Follow these simple rules to avoid unnecessary difficulties and problems. A remodel is hard enough so you do not need to make it more complicated.

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