Where To Buy MDF Wall Panelling Kits In The UK
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Written by Maddie

We’ve put together everything you need to know about buying MDF wall panelling kits in the UK. 

By now you’re probably very much aware that we’re very fond of mdf wall panelling. We get a buzz out of helping DIY’ers up and down the UK install mdf wall panelling in their homes. Our secret weapon? MDF wall panelling kits. Haven’t heard of them? Don’t worry all will be revealed. And if you’re aware of mdf wall panelling kits but don’t know where to buy them in the UK – we can help with that too. 


What are MDF wall panelling kits?

There are several options available in the UK right now. We’re going to focus on our favourite type of mdf wall panelling kit – mdf strips. These are fantastic because they are so versatile, you can use these strips to recreate any style of panelling you wish. Plus, it’s much cheaper than buying sheets of MDF and cutting them down yourself. You can buy mdf strips in a ready made wall panelling kit and completely avoid the stress of measuring and cutting each individual panel yourself – hurrah for convenience. This a product that we offer via our mdf cut to size service, simply pick your material, the thickness and input your measurements – we’ll take care of the rest.

Jacobean panelling from Panel Master

But why are MDF wall panelling kits better than doing your own wall panelling from scratch?  

It comes down to your level of skill with DIY, some folks have been doing it for years and some have just begun dipping their toes in. DIY home projects can seem quite daunting if you haven’t got much experience, but with the right advice – you can’t go wrong. There’s nothing we love more than helping people transform their homes and providing tips and tricks to ensure their mdf wall panelling project goes to plan. 

If you’ve got heaps of DIY experience and you think you’re up to the challenge of creating your mdf wall panelling from scratch – we’ve put together a helpful guide to help you on your way. However, if the thought of meticulously designing, measuring and cutting your own wall panels to size sounds quite frightening – there is a better option. MDF wall panelling kits come as strips of mdf already cut to size for you, make no mistake you will still have to make the odd amendment here and there but overall it’s a much easier process. 

Shaker Style Panelling Install from At Home With The Johnsons

You’ll be pleased to know that there are a few options in the UK for buying mdf wall panelling kits online. Essentially it’s the equivalent of buying flatpack furniture but without all the allen keys. You can also buy mdf wall panelling kits in some of the larger DIY chain stores. 

Whether you choose to buy your mdf wall panelling kit online or in store – there’s a few things you need to take into consideration first. Most importantly, which wall panel style do you want to install? There’s heaps to choose from and if you’re stuck for ideas – we have a whole page dedicated to Wall Panelling Ideas & Inspo. Once you’ve decided which style you want to create, you’ll need to workout whether you’re going to panel one wall or every wall. Perhaps you only want to install wall panelling in a singular spot to create a feature wall or maybe you’re looking to transform the entire room. Once you’ve established where you want to panel – you’ll need to measure the space. Be thorough with your measurements as you’ll be using those figures to quantify the number of panels you’ll need, from this you can then calculate how many mdf wall panelling kits you should buy. We always recommend buying slightly more than you need to be on the safe side. 

Stairway panelling kit install from Panel Shack

Now that you have all of the information you need, you can begin the search to find the best mdf panelling kit for your project. There are lots of companies in the UK to choose from, we always advise buying from a reputable supplier. How can you tell if they are reputable? Read their reviews, case studies and product descriptions.

All of the instructions should be available to you before you buy, so you can ensure it’s the right wall panelling kit for you. All high-quality mdf wall panelling kits come with instructions and if they seem pretty vague – check out our MDF wall panelling kit installation guide.

If you aren’t sure where to begin when searching for a supplier, try typing ‘mdf wall panelling kits UK’ into your preferred search engine, they are typically ranked by relevance to the search request. You’ll find that a fair few suppliers will appear, take your time, read the small print and don’t be afraid to ask questions. And if all of that seems like a lot of effort, simply order your wall panelling through our mdf cut to size service. 

Personally, we think MDF wall panelling kits are the best invention since sliced bread, not only do they make the process quicker, they’re more cost effective too, and it’s a great way of kicking off your DIY journey.

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