Should You Buy MDF Wall Panelling Kits Online?


Written by Maddie

Where’s the best place to buy mdf wall panelling kits – online or in-store? We take a look at the best way to buy an mdf wall panelling kit. 

Convenience is really important to us as consumers nowadays. Traipsing around the shops trying to find what you’re looking for just feels like a real chore. Especially when you can find it at the touch of a button online. Which is why it’s no real surprise that online sales are predicted to hit £4.5 trillion by 2023. It’s a lot less hassle browsing online, you can fit it in to suit your schedule and it won’t result in awkward encounters with people you’ve intentionally been avoiding. 


We’re often asked ‘Tablero, where’s the best place to buy mdf wall panelling kits?’. Personally we think online is best but we’ll take a look at your other options for buying mdf wall panelling kits first. 


There are several large diy chains in the UK that sell mdf wall panelling kits. However, we found them a bit lacking. There were no instructions included with the mdf wall panelling kit, we were simply handed some strips of mdf and sent on our way. This isn’t to say that all kits from diy stores are vague, but you will find that most of them revert you back to their website for more information – so why go in the store in the first place?

The Shaker MDF Wall Panelling Kit – Homebase


This one is a bit niche and to be quite honest it’s only suitable if you’re looking for reclaimed wooden wall panelling in a particular style from a specific time period. You would need to speak with specialists or the auction house itself to determine whether this would be a wise investment. Keep in mind that something with a lot of history isn’t going to be in the best possible condition and might not be the best option. Also, it will more than likely be made completely from wood and not mdf – so not really relevant here but it’s definitely worth a mention if you’re a collector of wall panels. 

Antique Walls Panels via Easy Live Auction


Ok, so there aren’t actually many options other than online or in-store for buying mdf wall panelling kits. Why do we think it’s best to buy mdf wall panelling kits online? Variety mainly, and the opportunity to buy from businesses that really do know a thing or two about mdf wall panelling, such as ourselves. We offer a bespoke mdf cut to size service, simply pick the material and provide us with your measurements and we’ll do the rest.

When buying mdf wall panelling kits online, you have access to reviews, case studies and in-depth product descriptions. When you’re standing in the middle of a diy store, holding 9 strips of mdf – it’s quite hard to visualise how your mdf wall panelling will look once completed. Whereas online you can browse galleries and go through customer case studies to ensure you are buying the right mdf wall panelling kit for your project.

Plus there’s lots of wall panelling inspo available online to help you pick the wall panel style that’s right for you. 

Tudor Panelling
Jacobean panelling from These Three Rooms

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to buying mdf wall panelling kits online. There’s an abundance of stockists out there, take your time and find the right mdf wall panelling kit for you. If you aren’t feeling that creative and need a helping hand, check out our Wall Panelling Ideas page. 

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