Why Wood Panelling For Walls Is The Biggest Trend For 2022


Written by Maddie

Thinking about transforming your home but want to stay ahead when it comes to trends? We have just the thing…

Trends come and go, just look at damask wallpaper, crushed velvet and shabby chic. When it comes to interior design – it can be hard to keep up. Why not avoid the nightmare of staying on trend – and opt for a timeless classic. 


Wood panelling for walls has been around for centuries. In fact, it’s never gone out of fashion – it’s always evolved to complement the popular aesthetics of the time. With a heap of wood panelling styles on the market, it’s relatively easy to upgrade your walls. 

Victorian Interior Wall Panelling
Victorian Interior Wall Panelling photo credit https://www.louisebooyens.com/post/interior-design-style-victorian

We’ve seen a real resurgence of wood panelling for walls this year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. We predict it will be the hottest trend for 2022. The beauty of wood panelling is that it works with most styles, it ties in seamlessly with modern homes but can also offer a regal air for those with more luxurious tastes. 

wood wall panelling

Wood panelling for walls genuinely enhances the longevity of your interior walls too. If like me – you’re heavy handed and often swing the front door open with such vigour it could take the plaster off – wood panelling is quite helpful. It protects your walls from wear and tear, and unsightly holes when the front door is opened rather aggressively. 

Thinking about installing wood panelling for your walls at home? Go for it! It’s a super easy process, more so with a handy wall panelling kit – which has all the strips pre-cut for you. 

The best thing about wood panelling? It can be applied to any of your interior walls. You can panel every wall in the house if you want to. You can maintain a single style throughout your home or opt for various panel styles – the options are endless. If you’re stuck for wall panelling ideas – we have plenty. 

If you want to jump on the next biggest trend, wood panelling for walls is going nowhere. It’s a sure bet, and it’s timeless – so you won’t have to change it every few years. Win-win!

We have lots of guides with hints and tips on the installation of wood panelling for your interior walls.

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