Sex, Lies and Wood Cut To Size


Written by Maddie

Ok, forgive us because there’s no sex or lies in this article. However, we have everything you need to know about wood cut to size. Hoorah!

What is wood cut to size? Well there’s a good chance you’re searching for it because you’re looking for that service. But, if somehow you’ve stumbled across this article unwittingly  – we’ll give you the lowdown on wood cut to size. 


Wood cut to size is an online service whereby you can specify the dimensions you need out of a wood sheet and the provider will cut it to spec for you. You can order plywood cut to size and mdf cut to size at the click of a button. It takes the stress out of cutting wood to size yourself, asking a friend to do it for you or queueing up at a DIY chain only to be informed that you can only have a limited number of cuts – boo!

You can order wood cut to size online and straight to your door. Depending on who you choose as your wood cut to size provider you should receive delivery tracking updates and a speedy order turnaround. 

Precision is pivotal when it comes to wood cut to size, smooth cuts and straight lines are the benchmark of great workmanship. 

Not all wood cut to size services are equal, so it’s imperative that you do some digging. Check their workmanship. Testimonials and reviews on their social media channels should provide a good indication of whether their service is truly up to scratch. Alternatively, you can use our first-class wood cut to size service, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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