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[Sticky] Community Forum rules and regulations

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When posting on the community forum, all users are subject to the rules and regulations listed below. Users who don’t follow the rules may be banned from the Community Forum depending on the frequency and severity of their negative behavior.

  1. Post in relevant sub-forums only: Any posts made to the wrong category will be removed and placed in the correct category by moderators.
  2. Be professional: The forum is meant to be a positive environment where the needs of our subscribers can be discussed and addressed. Any posts that facilitate or promote negativity towards tablero or other businesses won’t be tolerated.
  3. Be respectful and polite towards all users: Users who threaten or harass other users will be banned from the Community Forum.
  4. Don’t post inappropriate language or images: Users who post material that contains coarse language or excessive negativity will be banned from the Community Forum after two warnings are issued by moderators.
  5. Don’t post spam: Any posts containing unsolicited advertisement for goods, services, or other websites, or posts that have no relevance to the category being discussed will be deleted.
  6. Don’t post copyrighted materials: Any posts containing copyrighted materials will be deleted.